In your business and in ours, times are different. The rules have changed.

Settle for old ideas and, chances are, you’ll lose. Competing means doing more and getting more with less…
So, what’s our point? Give us a few moments, and you’ll find out. No hype or hoopla. Just raw capabilities and performance that speak for themselves.

Quality, reliability and innovation… They’re your expectations; they’re ours, too.

At FP&C, a close working relationship with each customer means building with efficiency, cost effectiveness, and the customer’s best interest in mind.

Careful planning shortens schedules. With FP&C, you’re up and running ahead of plan and ahead of competitors.  Our years of commercial and residential project management and building services have given us a leading edge
over the competition.

With FP&C constructing your project, you will see the advantages we offer through our experience which ensures the job is done right the first time, and our single-source responsibility which guarantees a higher level of comfort by reducing coordination hassles, facilitating completion and eliminating any surprises.

Time and again, clients look to us for their tough construction projects to provide total turn-key programs, from planning, and budgeting to construction management. Proven results and an industry-leading reputation that
comes with it.

Facilities Planning and Construction, Inc. is ready to provide complete construction services to you.